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Our Services

Nola Aviation has you covered with a wide range of offerings at MSY. From the start of your trip to the end, we ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight.

Ground Equipment Repair

We fix and perform preventative maintenance on ground equipment for airlines big and small. When surprises happen, we also offer 24-hour on-call services. Our shop stocks a wide variety of parts to fix any equipment issues quick and efficiently so you can fly with ease.

Aircraft Hangar
Gound Equipment Repair

Aircraft Maintenance

Available 24/7 – we respond to airline call-out requests to fix any and all issues an airplane may have here locally. Our mechanics are certified and qualified for a wide range of issues and will arrive to any call within 30 minutes.

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We perform deicing services with Type I and IV fluids during cold weather months.

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We offer services to unload or load equipment for cargo charters big and small. We work with freight forwarders as well as local CBP (Customs and Immigration).

Image by CDC
Aircraft Maintenance

Charter and Schedule Services

We handle both above (ticket counter) and below (ramp) services for all types of charters – 24/7. While we have specialized in sports teams, we have experience handling a variety of charters from casino trips to Air Force One. 

Private Aircraft
Charter & Schedule Services


We offer Ground Security Coordinator services with 4-5 staff members available to travel to any city. Our GSCs are trained and certified yearly.

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